Staging&Static and ProTools for WordPress, Joomla, and PrestaShop*

WordPress Staging Solution
Staging Platform for Joomla
Best Staging for PrestaShop
* Prestashop hosters have access to our staging platform and ProTools only

Offer Staging Without Depleting Live Resources

Enabling traditional staging solutions doubles the resources required on your live servers. (Or, in other words, it cuts the potential accounts per server in half...)

s4h allows you to separate all staging environments from your live resources. Now you can create hardware strategies based on your actual business needs.

s4h gives hosters control over resources
s4h provides white label staging solution

Easily Integrate Our Staging&Static Platform

In addition to separating your resources, the staging4hosters platform is self hosted (VMs you can grow or shrink based on demand - after all, we promised you control). This gives you even more ability to fine tune your resource planning and limits the external dependencies you have to rely on.

Best of all, your customers connect to the s4h platform through a cPanel/DirectAdmin or custom plugin allowing you to run s4h transparently as an integral part of your brand.

We are currently supporting hosters/clients with cPanel and DirectAdmin hosting control panels out of the box. We can support other hosting environments if needed. On supported systems we can provide staging services for WordPress, Joomla! and PrestaShop installations, static site conversion however, are available only for WordPressand Joomla! sites.

staging for hosters gives you granular access control lists for improved security

The Static in Staging&Static

According to, WordPress accounted for 90% of all hacked CMS sites in 2018.

Our built-in static site generator reduces the attack surface of any site by over 95%! By generating a static, html only, site neither you or your customers have to worry about a zero-day attack vector anymore. Even better, it removes the urgency in which CMS and plugin/extension updates have to be applied.

Contact forms, (and most other "simple" forms for that matter), are replaced on the fly with a standarized, secure, and api-driven endpoint allowing most of your customers to use Staging&Static as a drop in replacement without any additional work.


Custom Use-Cases

We totally understand that your business might have very specific needs that haven't been covered here. Pricing-, features-, or reseller specific questions are a common occurrence.

All the information on this website is about a generic use-case. We recommend talking to us about any business needs you might have. We love to learn about specific business cases and can provide you with insights into how we've solved some of the more obscure hosting needs we have come across.

Partner With Us

While we are on the topic of custom use cases, if you think you can contribute to our efforts and want to partner with us, please don't hesitate to contact us. We love talking to people who are as passionate as us.

Support & Legal

For customer support please contact your account rep directly. Sometimes our software runs so well that you forget who your account rep is. In this case, use the contact form and select support as the topic. Please indicate that you are a current customer and we will try to solve your problem as soon as we're done flogging the account rep for not being in contact with you more often.

For legal questions use the contact form and we will ensure to promptly address any issue you might have.

s4h for hosting providers

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