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* Prestashop hosters have access to our staging platform and ProTools only
integrated tools provided by staging for hosters

Let Your Customers Benefit From A Large Collection Of Built-In Tools

We are delivering a full set of tools making the extension of our core Staging&Static software as seamless as possible. In addition to the core versioning capabilities we have file and database management tools, a built-in code editor, full log viewer, integrated page speed analysis, and much more.

The publishing process can be fine-tuned (db table inclusions/exclusions, etc.) and includes various review tools. All of this in a containerized environment which offers significant security advantages especially for sites that cannot be converted into static sites.

Most of our ProTools are available for WordPress, Joomla! and PrestaShop installations.

We are constantly updating our software and will support additional CMSs. If you don't see your CMS here, contact us with any question or request and we will let you know what your chances are.

staging for hosters gives you granular access control lists for improved security

Give Your Clients The Ability To Control Access Permissions

All of us want control over the access to our development sites.

We understand the business need for this feature as we struggled with it daily. Imagine a web agency with many clients that wants to segment the access to various outsourcing teams. Without comprehensive ACL (Access Control List) this need cannot be met.

We offer multi user and role based ACL on a per-site basis.


Custom Use-Cases

We totally understand that your business might have very specific needs that haven't been covered here. Pricing-, features-, or reseller specific questions are a common occurrence.

All the information on this website is about a generic use-case. We recommend talking to us about any business needs you might have. We love to learn about specific business cases and can provide you with insights into how we've solved some of the more obscure hosting needs we have come across.

Partner With Us

While we are on the topic of custom use cases, if you think you can contribute to our efforts and want to partner with us, please don't hesitate to contact us. We love talking to people who are as passionate as us.

Support & Legal

For customer support please contact your account rep directly. Sometimes our software runs so well that you forget who your account rep is. In this case, use the contact form and select support as the topic. Please indicate that you are a current customer and we will try to solve your problem as soon as we're done flogging the account rep for not being in contact with you more often.

For legal questions use the contact form and we will ensure to promptly address any issue you might have.

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